George Kukhala

What is your name and where are you from?

George Kukhala, from Malawi

When did you join the ACTG? 


Why did you get involved with the ACTG, and what are some of the things you’ve done as a member?

I got involved with the ACTG because I am leading an HIV project at home and so I wanted to make the connection with the ACTG. Since becoming involved, I have continued to advocate for HIV issues in my Christian community.

Describe your community.

My immediate community consists of pastors’ fraternities. My larger community includes church members from all different church groups as well as non-church members. 

What are the most important treatment issues to your community?

The most important treatment issues are TB, malaria, opportunistic infections, cancer, and meningitis. 

How do you want your work in the ACTG to be remembered?

I want to be remembered for forming nationwide connections between clinical research and other organizations. 

What are your future hopes for the ACTG and HIV research?

To end HIV